Weapon Template

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Weapon Template

Post by Asch on Wed Sep 09, 2015 11:43 pm

Weapons can only have one effect and for that it has to have one Drawback.


[b]Name of Weapon:[/b]
[b]Image/Description (preferably and image so we can tell of it better, but if you do description make sure its in fairly great detail please):[/b]
[b]Effect(s) [Powers of the weapon]:[/b]
[b]Drawback(s) [things that may damage or after effects]:[/b]
[b]Type (Offensive, Defensive, Supplementary <---[healing item, I'm lazy and just threw it in, you can only have two but it counts for weapons]):[/b]
[b]Class of Weapon (A or B):[/b]

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